To Infinity and Beyond


Have you ever had that moment, in the midst normal chaos when you look back at your workplan and realize, “I did that.  I freaking nailed it”?  Well, at YNPN Denver this past fiscal year, we’re absolutely delighted to look at our workplan and say, “We nailed this. Our board and committees rocked out an amazing year. They surpassed our goals like it was their job.”  And we’re 100% volunteer-driven. Amazing

We've recently wrapped up our fiscal year and in 2012 alone, we:

  • Surpassed our membership goal by 300% and held more than 40 events—thank you, amazing members!
  • Launched YNPN’s first yearlong leadership fellowship, Elevate Denver—with 20 amazing and talented new fellows leading our pilot year.
  • Blew up the blogosphere with Inspire Denver—wanna write a post?  You’re invited.
  • Established Affinity Groups, our field-specific networking groups. These monthly meet-ups currently cater to those in program management, fundraising, and volunteer management.

This coming year, we will continue to build on last year’s momentum while developing even more amazing components:

  • Launching Personal Growth Seminars—designed to meet the evolving and unique interests of nonprofit professionals, from boosting your professional confidence, reviewing your resume, dipping a toe into the world of improv, and home buying.  But don’t be confused, the list doesn't stop there!
  • Introducing a new interactive member portal, where both members and non-members can sign up for events like Affinity Groups, Personal Growth Seminars, Learning Circles, membership, and apply to our 2014 Elevate Denver class.
  • Building our internal infrastructure so that we are one of the leading YNPN chapters in the nation—your chance to join us is almost here.

The YNPN team’s momentum is unstoppable, and this is one of the best times to get involved.  We’re looking for professionals in their 20s or 30s who want their efforts to play an intricate role in YNPN’s success.

Know how to manage details or people?  Know how to stay focused and achieve?  Are you a closet copywriter, graphic designer, type A personality, interested in leading PGS implementation, gaining development experience, event planning, or simply looking for a new experience?  Then we will be looking for you on Tuesday at our Talent Search.

To each of you who have contributed to an amazing year—whether you planned, implemented or attended -- thank you.  YNPN is better because of you.

-- Jeremy Brieske and Beckah Terlouw (YNPN Denver co-chairs)

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