Three Things Thursday


  • Thinking about going to next Thursday’s YNPN networking happy hour? Don’t forget your business card. With the rise of LinkedIn and smart phones, you may think of business cards as antiquated, but try to think of them as a tool to help you make valuable personal connections. Lifehacker discusses why business cards still matter and how to effectively use them.
  • If you feel like you spend your work day putting out one fire after another, take a look at this article. Regularly taking a step back to evaluate and plan for non-emergency events and other big picture questions is important for your success. It will also help prevent job burnout.
  • In my very first professional job, I figured that if I worked hard, I would skyrocket to the top of my career ladder. However, I quickly noticed that my fellow hard-working, uber professional coworkers were given the promotions that I wanted. Their secret? They participated in water cooler conversation and attended those optional meetings. In other words, they were more visible at work than I was. Here are six ways to help you stand out at work.

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