Three Things Thursday


It’s a snow day in Denver for some and a regular work day for others. Either way, here are a few interesting links to enjoy from the comfort of your warm bed or your work space!

  • If you’ve ever found yourself at work and unable to focus (I’m personally trying not to think about all of the fresh powder I could be snowboarding down), here are some tricks to help you get back on track.
  • A lot of nonprofits have focused their fundraising strategies on snagging donations from baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y. Here’s one of the first articles I’ve seen on how to target Gen Z donors (aka PhilanthroTeens, PhilanthroKids, or Qwerty Monsters).
  • Looking to beef up your resume with some freelance work? Has your work computer ever blown up on the first day of your IT person’s week-long vacation? Looking for a mentor? Reddit may have some solutions for you. Seriously. Check out this list of 9 subreddits that will help your career.

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