Three Things Thursday


There is no shortage of interesting articles on the internet. I wish I could devote entire blog posts to dissecting each one of them for this blog, but sadly there are only 24 hours in a day. Alas, I’ve decided that the next best thing would be to start a new feature for this blog highlighting links to three professional development resources from around the web.

  • Life has been hectic for me lately, so I don’t believe I did any of the following weekend habits of highly successful people last holiday weekend. I guess there’s always this weekend.
  • In my 9 to 5, I’m constantly writing, so reading about how to become a better, faster writer has become a hobby for me. Here’s a list of 5 apps to help you write more clearly.
  • Studies show that women tend to battle self-doubt more often than men. Some have nicknamed this the “imposter syndrome” and, unfortunately, how women handle these feelings can affect the success of their careers. I’ve read a few articles on the subject, but here’s one that has a bit of a Colorado flavor -- two women training to be mountain guides both fight feelings that they’re not up to the task.

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