The Perks of Having an Office (With a Door)


Music has been an essential component of every job I have had, whether working in a grocery store, kitchen, quick lube oil change place, catering company, bar, liquor store, university, halloween super store, or nonprofit. Many of those jobs demanded I listen to music – music that pumped relentlessly through tiny overhead speakers, music that was often pre-selected or work appropriate.

It wasn’t until I started my first nonprofit job and landed my own office with a door that I could play whatever music I wanted during working hours.

That door was essential to my music listening, because I learned quickly that headphones hinder your ability to hear your phone ringing – an essential part of a job, especially when it is your boss who likes to call you instead of walking 14 steps to your office to talk.

While I don’t work at that job anymore, I long for that door so I could play my music a little louder and possibly not get interrupted as much. Regardless of a door or not, I still play my music too loud and get interrupted all the time. It’s the nature of my job. It’s the nature of working in an office environment with people, I guess.

It never fails, though. Just when I get going on a project, I get interrupted, asked a question, pulled into a meeting, or handed something else to review. Instead of opening a door, though, I am constantly popping off my headphones when colleagues walk up to my cube. I’m doing good to make it through seven songs, I figure, at one time before I get interrupted, which is what inspired this blog.

I decided on a bluegrass-themed seven song set list for this first installment. Bluegrass makes me want to be outside with friends soaking up some sun, and with warm weather here to stay in the Mile High City, maybe this set list will make you feel the same. Listen at your desk, at the park, in your yard, with headphones, or behind a closed door. Wherever and however you listen, I hope you enjoy.

Over the coming months, I’ll do my best to mix up the set lists. Please let me know what songs or set lists you’d like to see in the future.

P.S. Don’t miss out on YNPN Denver’s Happy Hour on August 17th at The Posner Center in Denver. It will be a great time for networking and learning about young professional groups.


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