Member Spotlight: Allison Dellwo

In our new Member Spotlight series, we're highlighting YNPN Denver members who are making a difference in our community. We ask a few serious questions, and a few not so serious. We hope this will help you get to know your fellow Colorado change-makers a little better!

AllisonDellwo.jpgName: Allison Dellwo

Organization/Title: Program Manager / Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

Affiliation(s) with YNPN Denver: I am a Board Member, Fund Development Committee Co-Chair, and Elevate Denver Leadership Program Fellow.

How are you involved with YNPN? And what benefit is/can be gained by your involvement?
I started participating in YNPN events by attending a few happy hours and professional development events as a way to expand my network from Boulder County, where I was working at the time, to the greater Denver Metro Area. I quickly became involved as a committee member, diving into more of the event planning and the action behind the scenes. I have found that YNPN is a fantastic way to gain professional development skills through the Learning CirclesAffinity Groups and Elevate Denver Leadership Program. It also offers a great chance to network with other young professionals and to learn from your peers. I have met such incredibly talented and impressive individuals through YNPN and I highly recommend this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about nonprofits or would like to expand the skillsets they have. The annual Kegs for a Kause fundraiser is coming up on November 3rd and is an awesome opportunity for people to get acquainted with YNPN while enjoying delicious food and beer. Be sure to stay tuned for more details on this event!

If you were leaving your state, to which part of the county would you want to move?
Maine. Originally being from Washington State, I have always been intrigued by our East Coast counterpart. I imagine it would have beautiful rocky coastlines, light houses, fresh air and everyone would look like they were from a Lands End catalog.

If you could master one instrument what would you choose?
The cello. Growing up I took plenty of piano lessons and was a bit of a band nerd through high school, but never had the opportunity to try a string instrument. Cellos have such a rich and full sound and I would love to learn how to play!

What's the best way to spend a rainy weekend?
Brewery tours. I enjoy seeking out all of the new breweries that Colorado has to offer! I am a big fan of IPAs and there seems to be a never-ending supply of brewery tours and beer tasting. I have to admit it’s also a pretty good way to spend a sunny weekend...out on the patio, of course.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?
Slovenia. I had the opportunity to travel through Europe with my sister last summer and we decided on a whim to take an 8-hour train trip to Slovenia. It was well worth it! In the center of one of the picturesque towns there was a castle nestled on an island in the middle of a mist-covered lake. While walking around the lake, I felt like we had stepped right into a fairy tale!
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