Email Marketing: It's the Season for Spring Cleaning


As the seasons begin to change, have you considered spring cleaning? Maybe it’s time to give the same care and attention to your email lists and get rid of the dead weight. This year’s NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference held a session on email deliverability, where email marketing experts were encouraging organizations to suppress inactive contacts which can allow nonprofits to better understand their supporters and create healthier lists.

How do you know if a contact is truly inactive? 

If an individual has not interacted with any of your organization’s emails in at least a year you may want to consider suppressing them. If you send out more frequent mailings, such as multiple emails per week, you may want to think about suppressing after six months of inactivity. Make sure to segment out these individuals that have not opened, clicked or responded to any emails and try reaching out to this group one last time. Set up a campaign to re-engage them before cutting the cord completely, for example sending a survey might be helpful to get a sense of why these individuals have lost interest.

It’s not all about quantity, it’s about quality. 

There may be some push back from staff that believe that in list growth the larger number equals the best outcome, but you are really doing a disservice to your click and open rates. A healthier list is indicative of a nice, high open rates and by keeping these inactive contacts in email lists organizations may be skewing their own analytics.

Would a nonprofit serve a community using demographics that are a decade old? Then your organization shouldn't be using email data that is ancient either. So as greenery emerges and the flowers begin to bloom this spring season, take some time to ensure your contacts are fresh and clean as well!

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