Elevate Profile: An Interview with Katie Huey


The 2016 YNPN Denver Elevate applications are now open until July 15th! This profile gives you a snapshot into the life of one of our Elevate graduates.

Describe your journey to your current job.

When I was in college I knew I wanted to work with people and be a part of something bigger than myself. I studied sociology and thought I wanted to be a social worker. After serving an AmeriCorps term with a social service agency, I quickly realized that the emotional toll of direct service work was too strong for me. I found my way into administrative support and fundraising for the same agency. I recently made the switch to a cultural organization, and love drafting narrative for grants that helps people realize the power of community spaces that educate people.

In general, what motivates and/or inspires you?

I am inspired by those who continue to look for good in the world. I am motivated by passionate people who choose to make improvement amidst challenges, and those who carry great empathy and heart for the world in which we live. A good cup of coffee is extremely motivating as well.

Why did you apply for the Elevate fellowship?

I was excited about the chance to gain more knowledge in how to quietly lead while being young, and gain experience that helps me prepare for the day when I may have someone to supervise, or a program to specifically direct, rather than being in a support role. Too, it is helpful to connect with other professionals to brainstorm and share experience that lends to improvement in our own programs and communities.

What’s one of your favorite places in Denver/Colorado? Why?

I love going to Chautauqua in Boulder. I went to college there, so that brings back good memories, but being at the foot of those majestic mountains provides so much peace. It is a beautiful place.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to share with other young nonprofit professionals?

Find someone to learn from. It can be a wise person at your place of work, or a relationship with an individual who can offer an outside perspective. Either way, by placing yourself with people who have knowledge to share, you can continue to grow in ways you wouldn’t have been able to alone.

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