YNPN Alumni Series: Alyssa Kopf- VP of Strategic Services, The Denver Foundation

Alyssa joined YNPN Denver because it provided her with an opportunity to network with many  professionals who inspired her and earned her respect during a pivotal time in her career. She advised, “Your late 20’s and early 30’s are such a critical time in your career. You stop simply working, and you start to become more strategic and think about the direction you want your career to take.”


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Making the Most of a Networking Event


Since we have a networking event coming up on August 17th where over 10 young professional organizations will be represented, we thought it may be a good idea to share some successful tips on how to get the most out of a networking event.


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The Perks of Having an Office (With a Door)

study-listening-to-music-improves-accuracy-Ron-Burgundy.jpgMusic has been an essential component of every job I have had, whether working in a grocery store, kitchen, quick lube oil change place, catering company, bar, liquor store, university, halloween super store, or nonprofit. Many of those jobs demanded I listen to music – music that pumped relentlessly through tiny overhead speakers, music that was often pre-selected or work appropriate.


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Elevate Profile: An Interview with Katie Huey


The 2016 YNPN Denver Elevate applications are now open until July 15th! This profile gives you a snapshot into the life of one of our Elevate graduates.


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When the Inevitable Shit Hits the Fan

Danger-Sign.jpgShit. Here we go. I can’t believe they just left like that. I can’t believe we listened to them. How could we have made that decision? it was clearly taking us down the wrong path. We’ve strayed from our mission. How can we serve when we can’t even work together?


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Things We Should Saw More Often in the Workplace

Word-bubbles.jpgMany people are positive, uplifting, maybe even upbeat, but do they display those qualities at work? Things go wrong, clients get upset, or our beloved technology fails us and our normally cheerful attitudes become less than positive. We are only human… however, I am making the argument that providing encouragement to co-workers, supervisors, and subordinates is more important than we think, especially during challenging moments.


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In Case You Missed It: Engaging Volunteers

Jaclyn-Wilmot.jpgJaclyn Wilmot, who has over 13 years of experience in volunteer engagement, spoke at the last YNPN Professional Growth Event, Engaging Skilled Volunteers at Your Nonprofit. In case you missed it, or need a reminder, here are some of the things she taught us.


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How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

Tooting-horn.jpgIt feels awkward to talk about yourself, but being able to tout your accomplishments is necessary in many situations like justifying a pay increase, asking for a promotion, or interviewing for a new job. On the other hand, no one likes talking to someone that sounds self-righteous or big headed. So where’s the balance?


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A Time for Reflection: The Year in Review


I know that no one likes to review their year until New Year’s, when they are making the unlikely-to-happen resolutions, and maybe not even then. But this year, we should all review our year a little early, before the holidays put a golden (or gloomy) haze on our year.


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How Would You Like to Stop Time?

time-wasting.jpgSometimes I wish that I could slow down time. There is always too much to do, and rarely enough time to get everything done. I constantly have this nagging anxious feeling that I am somehow missing something, and it drives me crazy! Despite the hectic day-to-day routine between serving on two nonprofit boards and trying to advance my career, I have found a few things that have helped me to slow down.


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