A Time for Reflection: The Year in Review


I know that no one likes to review their year until New Year’s, when they are making the unlikely-to-happen resolutions, and maybe not even then. But this year, we should all review our year a little early, before the holidays put a golden (or gloomy) haze on our year.

Why review? Not to pat ourselves on the back or guilt us into trying harder next year, but to see where we’re at. Sometimes we’re so busy checking off our to do lists and keeping our heads down that we forget to look up and see where we are at, especially in the nonprofit world.

Sooner or later we will look up and see where we are and my hope is that we would like it. We would still be able to make strategic changes if we wanted, or we could enjoy the place we’re in.

The following list of questions is to help us review, and can be used to reflect on our personal and professional lives.

  1. What did you accomplish this year?
    1. What is your favorite accomplishment?
    2. Why?
  2. What obstacles did you overcome?
    1. How did you overcome them?
    2. How has overcoming those obstacles changed you?
  3. What risks did you take?
    1. How did it turn out when you took those risks?
    2. What risks did you shy away from taking?
  4. What did you “fail at” this year?*
    1. Why did you fail at those things?
    2. What can you do to succeed next time?
  5. What lessons did you learn?
    1. Of those lessons, what’s your most important take away?
    2. What lessons do you still need to learn?
  6. How will you use what you’ve learned this past year in 2016?

*Failing at something is a good thing! It is something that you tried that didn’t go quite as planned, but you tried!


I hope you use this guide to help you reflect on how your 2015 has shaped up so far. If you are looking to grow and develop your abilities in 2016, be sure to attend our January event! Kathleen Hart will be sharing tangible ways you can develop your professional skills whether you expand in your current position, move up or out of your organization. So sign up today!

YNPN Denver would like to thank CU Denver’s School of Public Affairs for supporting our 2015 programming. Thank you!


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