5 Exciting Ways To Reveal Brand Personality


I’m as big an advocate as anyone when it comes to brands using social media to strike up a conversation with their customers. But as a social media specialist, I see companies making big mistakes every day in their social media efforts. My pet peeve is this—brands seem to be hiding their personality behind layers of packaged, homogenous messaging and advertising.

To combat this soulless strategy, the team at GrowthWeaver has assembled five of the most polished new ways to build brand personality as part of your company’s marketing strategy:

  1. Keep it real. This is the most important idea that will help build brand personality. Keeping it real means embracing transparency, being truthful and sharing an honest voice about what you stand for. Consumers develop more trust and they are more likely to act as powerful brand advocates when they feel a brand is conveying genuine personality.
  2. Be visual. On Facebook, images rope in 53 percent more “likes” than text-only posts, according to a recent study. And you don’t have to be an expert photographer to create quality images, thanks to today’s smartphones and image-sharing platforms like Instagram. Just remember: Images that generate the most engagement are the ones that stimulate an emotional response.
  3. Connect with your audience. Use behavioral information, pop culture references and sustainable conversation-building techniques to identify with your audience on a more intimate level. Take advantage of social metrics so you’re able pinpoint which content ideas stimulate your audience most effectively. Moreover, consider implementing a geo-targeting strategy to further optimize your connection to different consumer segments.
  4. Broadcast compelling stories. Act like a journalist and tell positive stories that feature real events and real people. By uncovering consumer stories, you will find exciting ways to pollinate your brand’s personality through the voices of your fans and followers.
  5. Inject humor into your content. A wise man once said, “There is little success where there is little laughter.” I believe Andrew Carnegie’s advice is a valuable asset to social media marketers and it’s certainly worth remembering when you’re formulating your approach to creating conversation and engagement.

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