Networking 101

Shaking-Hands.jpgNetworking is a key component to getting a job and advancing your career. Research shows that almost half of all jobs are secured through networking and word of mouth.

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Top Ten Things Interns Do Well

Internships are everywhere in the nonprofit world, and these days seem to be one of the only ways to gain experience and find a job. Are you doing right things as an intern?

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Member Spotlight: Allison Dellwo

AllisonDellwo.jpgIn this Member Spotlight series, we're highlighting YNPN Denver members who are making a difference in our community. We hope this will help you get to know your fellow Colorado change-makers a little better!

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The Long View: Succession Planning in Nonprofits

Baton-Succession-Plans.jpgDoes your organization have a succession plan? The conversation of succession planning in nonprofits is repeatedly shuffled to the side in the ambitious drive of accomplishing the mission. . . that is until organizations are blindsided by an unexpected turnover or lack a change management plan to successfully assimilate a new leader into the organization. 

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To Infinity and Beyond

Rocket.jpgEver had that moment, in the midst normal chaos when you look back at your workplan and realize, “I did that. I freaking nailed it”?  Well, at YNPN Denver this past fiscal year, we’re absolutely delighted to look at our workplan and say, “We nailed this!”

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