The Stairway to Career Heaven



Yep, that’s me up there. I could have never predicted that my path would have taken this turn, but I am incredibly thankful that it did. You see, about three years ago I made a decision to change my life forever. I had spent two years working in child welfare. I was tired. I was sick. I needed a change­ desperately. 

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Ditch the Coffee - Simple Lifestyle Changes for More Energy

Human-body.jpgRaise your hand if you occasionally day dream about napping at work. I assume I’m not the only one raising both hands in the air? For the last several months, I’ve felt sluggish and my usual 3pm crash started happening earlier in my day. One day a few weeks ago, I remember wishing I could call a timeout, ala Zach Morris in Saved By the Bell, to grab a quick snooze.

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5 Days to a New and Improved LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin.jpgLinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform out there–it boasts more than 347 million users worldwide. According to the Pew Research Center, LinkedIn usage is especially high among the educated (bachelor’s degree holders and up), and high earners (those making $75,000 a year or more) — exactly the types of people with whom you’d want to connect with professionally.

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Overcoming the Fear of Change in Nonprofits


Intellectually, we all know change can be good. Change is vital for growth and even survival. However, knowing change is beneficial does not necessarily dissipate the fear associated with coming change.


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Email Marketing: It's the Season for Spring Cleaning

spring-cleaning-flowers.jpgAs the seasons begin to change, have you considered spring cleaning? Maybe it’s time to give the same care and attention to your email lists and get rid of the dead weight.

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