The Art of Data Visualization Event: Key Messages



We are constantly bombarded with messages from billboards, social media, and even from within our nonprofits. There is so much information coming at us at all times. When working in a chaotic atmosphere such as a nonprofit, how do we create messages that stick? How do we create an impactful message that moves people from a lack of understanding to informed about issues we combat, and then make them move on it?


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Visualizing Data: A Nonprofit Guide for Using Infographics


YNPN recently hosted a professional development event this week which focused on The Art of Visualizing Data, so we thought it would be helpful to share a primer on transforming data into infographics. Visual guides are important tools that nonprofits can and should use to make complex data eye-catching. For example, they help to illustrate how an organization is making an impact in a positive way or to demonstrate how critical your particular cause is globally.


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Getting Serious about Self-Care: Motivations and Strategies

We have all heard how important self-care is, and we know what we “should” be doing to take care of ourselves. Oftentimes, however, we don’t take care of ourselves. We focus on the work we are doing, the people we are helping, we go, go, go, and then crash at the end of the day. As people invested in helping others, we need to start with taking care of ourselves.


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Joining a Nonprofit Board: What Do I Need To Know?

Board-governance.jpgFor many young nonprofit professionals, joining a board is a major goal. Taking on such a role can deepen your connection with a community and a mission, while also offering leadership and networking opportunities.


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Finding Professional Development Opportunities in Your Community

11-03-2013-YNPN-50.jpgStarting your career in the nonprofit sector can be challenging, between finding the right networking connections  to affordable training that will fit your organization’s budget. There are professional development resources for nonprofit workers around every corner, and the key is finding them all.


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