Getting Serious about Self-Care: Motivations and Strategies

We have all heard how important self-care is, and we know what we “should” be doing to take care of ourselves. Oftentimes, however, we don’t take care of ourselves. We focus on the work we are doing, the people we are helping, we go, go, go, and then crash at the end of the day. As people invested in helping others, we need to start with taking care of ourselves.


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Joining a Nonprofit Board: What Do I Need To Know?

Board-governance.jpgFor many young nonprofit professionals, joining a board is a major goal. Taking on such a role can deepen your connection with a community and a mission, while also offering leadership and networking opportunities.


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Finding Professional Development Opportunities in Your Community

11-03-2013-YNPN-50.jpgStarting your career in the nonprofit sector can be challenging, between finding the right networking connections  to affordable training that will fit your organization’s budget. There are professional development resources for nonprofit workers around every corner, and the key is finding them all.


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The Stairway to Career Heaven



Yep, that’s me up there. I could have never predicted that my path would have taken this turn, but I am incredibly thankful that it did. You see, about three years ago I made a decision to change my life forever. I had spent two years working in child welfare. I was tired. I was sick. I needed a change­ desperately. 

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Ditch the Coffee - Simple Lifestyle Changes for More Energy

Human-body.jpgRaise your hand if you occasionally day dream about napping at work. I assume I’m not the only one raising both hands in the air? For the last several months, I’ve felt sluggish and my usual 3pm crash started happening earlier in my day. One day a few weeks ago, I remember wishing I could call a timeout, ala Zach Morris in Saved By the Bell, to grab a quick snooze.

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