Social Impact: Why It Pays To Track Volunteers Angie Vermillion, Community Engagement at Unself

Volunteers.jpgHow can tracking volunteer metrics and data through impact reporting lead to increased funding, advocacy and awareness in the nonprofit sector?     

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A “Shark Tank” Inspired Model for Motivating Staff and Investing in Community

Tennyson-Tank1.jpgThis year the Tennyson Center for Children, a local Colorado nonprofit that serves children, launched a new initiative based on the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” 

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Hoop Dreams: Communicating with Spanish Speakers

LydiaHooper_Spanishspeakersblog.pngDear Hoop Dreams,

Our nonprofit wants to share information about our programs with Latino individuals. In addition to translating text into Spanish, how else do you suggest we tailor our materials for this audience?

Lost In Translation

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Hoop Dreams: 9 Nonprofit Marketing Must-Haves

Engagement.pngNonprofits often believe that because they don’t sell products, marketing doesn’t need to be a priority. But nonprofits do provide services, and because services are relational, building relationships should be job number one.

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Working Smarter, Not Harder: Tricks to Help You be Your Most Productive Self in 8 hours or Less

Working-smarter.jpgLet’s face it; most companies these days are on a budget. You have to do more in your work week even though your days aren’t getting longer. You’re the assistant, the researcher and the project manager. The struggle is real!  

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